Our Story

Our humble beginnings guided us to where we are today. After making countless wrong turns, and being mislead about products which we thought were deals, we banded together to come up with a better solution.

After hearing many friends in e-commerce complaining about the shadiness of brokers, we decided that we would create a distribution network with several of them as a test, and thereby having enough of a sample test size.

The idea took, off, and we have evolved from there to sell to e-commerce, retailers, wholesalers, and exporters.

Our Re-Branding

Reflecting our continuous evolvement, we changed our name from D&L to Madison Distribution. This change reflects our growth and services that we offer our customers. We understand that in order to continue to be successful nowadays, great pricing and customer service are no longer all you need. You always need to be anticipating your customers' needs, which is why we have our account managers speaking to their customers quarterly to ensure that we are always aware of their needs.

Meet the Team

Everyone at Madison Distribution plays an integral role of making sure that your success is paramount.

Regan McCook

Founder & CEO

Rebbeca McFarley


Rosa Murphy

Head of Customer Satisfaction

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Eric Teagan

Vice President

Mike Salara

Director of Sales

Tom Landa

Warehouse Manager

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Timothy Barrett


Sam Retman

Business Development

Roger Olorman

Asset Recovery

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